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Front end developer

My name is Karl Tynan (@karltynan) and I am an experienced, senior front end developer based in Bristol. I am currently work at Gibe Digital as Senior Front End Developer, with previous roles as Senior Front End Developer at EMO, Lead Creative & Front End Developer at Loccit, Lead User Interface Developer at Sift Digital and Lead Front End Developer at Rockpool Digital.

My heart has always been in front end development, specialising in HTML, CSS and jQuery/JavaScript, with a huge focus on semantics, search engine optimisation (SEO), accessibility and usability.

I am an efficient, well-grounded and accomplished individual who can work well alone, as part of a team and in leadership positions, across multiple projects simultaneously. I aim for the highest standard in all areas of my work, always looking to improve and assist others to deliver amazing results.


Relevant employment history

  • Senior Front End Developer

    Gibe Digital, Bristol (2012 - )

    Working with the back-end development team and clients closely, the focus of this role is developing high-end HTML5 eCommerce applications and websites.

    Website: www.gibedigital.com

  • Senior Front End Developer

    EMO, Bristol (2011 - 2012)

    Working closely with other front end developers in the digital team for a large organisation focusing on localisation of digital solutions for large, global brands like Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, Tesco, BMW and Mini.

    Website: www.emo.uk.com

  • Lead Creative & Front End Developer

    ML4D Ltd, Bristol (2011 - 2011)

    My main role at ML4D was to provide front end development for the Loccit.com web application. This is involves extensive use of jQuery, AJAX, JSON and other common technologies such as HTML and CSS, using CodeIgniter. I also mentored a junior designer, giving feedback and teaching web design practice and technique.

    Website: www.loccit.com

  • Lead User Interface Developer

    Sift Digital, Bristol (2010 - 2011)

    At Sift Digital, the platform for development was Drupal. I was the lead user interface developer, leading another user interface developer. In addition to Drupal theme development, I also produced wireframes and prototypes for projects, as well as assisting with other user experience tasks.

    Website: www.siftdigital.co.uk

  • Lead Front End Developer

    Rockpool Digital, Bristol (2008 - 2010)

    During a very successful time at Rockpool, I was promoted to lead front end developer, leading a team of 3 developers and various freelancers.

    I implemented new and lasting standards for the team, managing to establish excellent, best-practice front end development that is still in use today. This included building project templates and guidelines, as well as introducing new concepts, ideas and time-saving techniques to the team based on research and progression of technology.

    Working with the UX lead, I also produced wireframes, prototypes and other UX tasks. I helped to promote and implement the use of UX within Rockpool.

    Other duties included working with the technical lead to improve processes and organising events and parties as Social Committee President.

    Website: www.rockpooldigital.com

  • Website designer / developer

    FKDA Web Design, Manchester (2006 - 2008)

    Website: no longer available

  • Website developer

    Interactive Solutions, Huddersfield (2002 - 2003)

    Website: www.interactivesolutions.co.uk/


Industry respect

Please do not contact current or past employers direct. I will be happy to provide any requested details for referees upon a successful application.

Character References

Colleague insight

As the Lead Front End Developer at Rockpool he outlined the direction of the team...

Luke Taylor - Front End Web Developer, Rockpool Digital

"Karl has excellent skills in all aspects of front end development. He takes pride in producing semantic and fully accessible websites that seperate design and behaviour from core-content. He produces websites that are cross-browser compatible but at the same time are progressively enhanced.

"As the Lead Front End Developer at Rockpool he outlined the direction of the team and defined extremely high-standards of working to ensure that websites produced were of the best quality. He documented these standards and provided support and guidance to myself and other team members."

Rarely have I met someone with a better grasp on HTML, CSS or jQuery...

Steve Kirtley - Freelance Web Developer

"Karl is a highly skilled and innovative front end web developer. He thrives on finding solutions to problems that others would give up on, and in the process often makes it look and feel effortless.

"He thrives on challenges and is the ideal guy to lead your team when up against a challenging deadlines.

"Rarely have I met someone with a better grasp on HTML, CSS or jQuery - especially not someone with the imagination and creativity to pull it all together so well on screen."

He has great enthusiasm for everything he does and has a real care and passion for those he works with...

Oliver Hall - Creative Designer, Rockpool Digital

"Karl was fantastic to work with. He has a huge knowledge base which he utilises well and shares with everyone he works with. He has great enthusiasm for everything he does and has a real care and passion for those he works with.

"I really hope to work with this lad again soon."

[Karl's method] is very inspiring to me and prompted me to continue to learn outside of work...

Tom Piccirilli - Front End Developer, Rockpool Digital

"During my first professional role at Rockpool Digital, I was fortunate to be placed under the guidance and support of Karl. As the team lead, it was Karl's role to ensure I developed along the right lines and it has proved to be invaluable guidance.

"His teaching method is very firm. He doesn't immediately give an answer to questions. Instead, he provides you enough insight to allow you to try solve the issue yourself. He also took time out to develop numerous 'down-time' projects in order for me to develop my skills.

"During build if something cannot be achieved or there is a better alternative to something someone is building, he provides a reasoned argument why, along with guidance on how to achieve the best solution. This in itself is very inspiring to me and prompted me to continue to learn outside of work, be it on my portfolio or studying new and improving web technologies."

Technical Skills

Industry-based knowledge

Skill Experience Rating
XHTML 7 years 10/10
HTML5 2 years 10/10
CSS 7 years 10/10
CSS3 2 years 9/10
JavaScript 2 years 6/10
jQuery 4 years 8/10
Mobile web development 1 year 8/10
Responsive web design 1 year 8/10
Email development 5 years 9/10
PHP/MySQL 4 years 5/10
CakePHP <1 year 3/10
Drupal 5 (theme) 1 year 6/10
Drupal 6 (theme) 2 years 8/10
Drupal 6 (development) 1 year 4/10
Drupal 7 (theme) 1 year 8/10

Practical Skills

Skill Experience Rating
Semantic web development 6 years 10/10
Search engine optimisation (SEO) 5 years 10/10
Usability 5 years 9/10
User experience (UX) 4 years 8/10
Accessibility 5 years 10/10
Cross-browser support (see below) 6 years 10/10

Browser Support

Supported browser development

I develop and support for the following browsers, matching designs/functionality with accuracy (when possible):
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4+
  • Apple Safari 4
  • Apple Safari 5
  • Opera


Relevant learning accolades

  • BSc Hons, Multimedia & Internet Technology with Professional Experience

    University of Salford, Greater Manchester (2008)

    Result: 1st Class Degree with Honours and Professional Experience

  • National Diploma Multimedia Design

    The Oldham College, Lancashire (2004)

    Result: Distinction, Distinction, Merit

  • GNVQ Business Studies (Intermediate)

    Saddleworth School, Lancashire (2002)

    Result: Distinction

  • GCSEs

    Saddleworth School, Lancashire (2002)

    Result: 10 A*-B (including Maths, English, Science, ICT, and Graphics)

Further details and full results are available on request.